Nearly everyone knows you can bet on horses, football games, basketball games and other major sporting events but have you ever considered laying odds on a UFC or MMA match? What is UFC or MMA? So glad you asked!


UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and MMA stands for mixed martial arts. The UFC is a promotional company that hosts MMA events around the country to determine who is the ultimate fighter in a specific weight class or division. You could say the UFC is like the Super Bowl and MMA is football.


Sporting competitions all have “rules” for betting and multiple ways to win. For example you can bet on your favorite football team to win a game by any margin or you can bet on a points spread (the difference between the points of the winning team and the losing team). MMA betting is a little different and basically there are three ways to bet and win:

  • Ultimate Winner- All sports book makers will offer the option to simply bet on the man or woman who will win a specific match. Odds are pretty much 50/50 and if you follow the sport you have a good chance on choosing the correct opponent. Of course, the favorite to win will have shorter odds which means potential winnings are lower.
  • Method of Win- Do you want to bet on how your opponent will win the contest? This is a fun way to up the stakes, because even if your player wins you could lose if they win by knock out and you chose submission.
  • Rounds- Do you feel particularly daring? How about betting on which round your player will win the contest? There are definitely some long odds in this category, but your potential for loss is huge.
  • Over/ Under- Similar to the above betting option is the over and under. Typical MMA contests are three rounds, five if it is a title match and book makers will often set a point (either over or under) in which one opponent will win the fight, and you can bet whether they will go over or under this set point. If your right, no matter how much over or under the fight is, you win. You can also bet on whether your fighter will ultimately go the distance.

Betting on UFC mixed martial arts matches has quite a few similarities with sports betting on boxing, though there are a few differences.

Increase Your Odds

One nice thing about betting on MMA events is the fact that you only have two players to focus on, rather than an entire team. Large teams can be hurt significantly by the deficits of a few players, while fighters must depend solely on themselves and their training for glory. Before you place big bets on UFC fights, it is a good idea to get to know the major fighters. Not personally, of course, but get to know the way they fight and you will get better and better at predicting their wins and even how they will win. Good luck, and remember gambling should be a fun pass time, not a replacement for your retirement account so bet wisely and safely.