Though tennis is not so popular in America, it is popular amongst bettors for booking profits. The lines are not always sharp here as the market is rather small. This however gives you a better chance of reaping profits if you know where and what to look for.

Line types

While there are various tennis betting options, the most popular and simplest is to bet on the actual match winner. In addition to this, you can also bet on games line, sets line and other futures and props. Sometimes, live betting is also involved where the odds change based on who is ahead in the match.

Matches may also have a games and sets line based on a spread. These spreads are usually offered at the traditional 110/110 juice, but some books also offer reduced juice. There is a unique bet on sets in tennis where a player can win the first set 6-0 and lose the last two sets 6-7 and 6-7 and still win the bet.

According to this example, player A wins 6-0 and then loses 6-7 the next two sets. On totaling the sets, player A has 18 and player B, 14 or a spread of 4 (18-14). This is a unique bet where though it’s similar to the point spread bet in basketball and football, you can cover the spread and have your player lose the overall match.

Women tennis props include who wins the first step? If the match ends in 2 sets or 3 and other props which help predict the match results. For example, R. Federer wins 2-0 3.50 and not 2-0 1.33.

Here you can bet Federer wins in 2 sets to get paid $250 for each $100 bet or accept any other result and risk $300 to win back $100. In case of futures, odds for most major tournaments are posted weeks before the event. Odds are then updated and listed between each round.


There are four major tennis tournaments: The French Open, Aussie Open, US Open and Wimbledon. The latest trend especially amongst men, has been away from American players. International players have been stealing the spotlight for years and wining majors back to back. Looks like Americans are concentrating on major sports like basketball and football, and are not much concerned about exceling at tennis.

The top players on men’s side now are Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic while the Williams sisters are a popular pick in women. Taking these players indicate short odds with a better payout chance when the championship trophy is awarded.

Tennis parlays are good play strategy as horrible players are often paired with top tier players in the first rounds of a tournament. This leads to huge odds like 1.14 and more. However a 4 player parlays with odds of 1.14, 1.14, 1.13 and 1.13 pays out a respectable 1.67 or $100 for every $150 risked.

Not only is this okay, the chances of a major upset occurring early in a tournament are very low, especially in majors. A parlay calculator or logging into the site and setting the bet provides you with the odds for your picks.

The type of surface of the tournament also affect tennis bets. Three surfaces are used in tennis; hard court, clay and natural grass. While some players dominate on grass and average on clay, others are vice versa.

This factor adds spice to your tournament analysis, players and bets offered. It is important you check both historical and recent records as players can adapt and improve, or get complacent and worse while changing surfaces through their career.

Tennis book

Professional tennis tournaments exist from January through December; so finding a book offering lines on tournaments can be tricky. Look for trustworthy books with the best odds.

Tennis can get shady as match fixing and strange forfeits are rather common. So beware of scrupulous bookmakers who may take advantage of you, and read your book’s policy on shortened matches, resignations and forfeitures.