Teaser Betting


The Super Bowl was just concluded and many football fans were there not just because of Katy Perry’s half time performance. Most of the people who watched the spectacular sports event have been monitoring the progress of the teams since day one of the season. It wasn’t easy for those who witnessed their teams disappear during the playoffs. On the other hand, it was the best season yet for the fans of the New England Patriots.

Underneath the enthusiasm and the endless cheers were those who participated in sports betting. One of the areas of sports betting is teaser betting. If you plan on engaging in this type of betting, you have to do your homework.

The Teaser Bet

For the simple layman, a teaser is known as a parlay bet, which makes use of point spreads. The most common modification of the point spreads in football is “six points”. Below is an example:

You place three bets:

  • Bills +1.5
  • Cowboys +5.5
  • Giants -7.5

Instead of betting these in a parlay or betting them straight, you make a six-point teaser bet, composed of three teams. To win the teaser bet, you need all the three teams. Most online sports betting sites allow a three-teamer winner to pay 1.8 to 1.

Another example is betting on two teams:

  • Cowboys -8.5 -110
  • Jets +3.5 -110

You have options on how to bet on these teams. One is to bet them straight. When you do this, you risk 1.10 USD for every 1 USD of your potential winning (-110). Another option is to bet them in a parlay. Doing so risks 1 USD for every 2.65 USD you like to win (+265). Here, both of your chosen teams must win or you lose the bet. The third option is to bet the teams in a teaser. In this teaser bet, you choose the six-pint teaser with -110 odds. This yields Cowboys -2.5 and the Jets +9.5. They have a single wager risk of 110 USD for every 1 USD of your potential winning (-110).

In the given example, the six-point teaser with two teams moves the point spread of every selection, six points in your favor. If you did not move the points, the bet would have remained a parlay at +265 odds. Yet, because of the six-point move on every selection, the bet becomes easier to win and you get -110 odds.

Basic Strategy

Basic strategy teasers are also known as “wong teasers”. In NFL, the usual winning margins are 7 and 3. In basic strategy, the winning teasers are those that completely cross 7 and 3 at the best possible odds.

Remember that there are two components in a basic strategy. You should always cross 3 and 7 completely with the best odds. Many beginners forget that the “best odds” weigh equally with the complete crossing of 3 and 7.

Pushes Teaser Rules

Every sports betting site has the same set of rules for pushes. If one leg in a teaser pushes as any other leg loses, the teaser bet is considered a loss. All wins and a push reduce the same amount as they would in a parlay bet.

Teaser Betting Key

If you bet three team teasers at +180 odds, you need every team to win 70.95% during the game. If you bet straight at 5dimes, you have to pay -105. For the break-even calculation at -105, you use the risk /return formula.

105 USD bet returns 205 USD (105 USD stake + 100 USD win)

105 / 205 = 0.5122 (51.22%)

If you feel ready to enter the teaser betting world, consider the given pointers. As you go about your teaser bets, learn more through experience and from online forums as well.