Sports betting strategy

While all sports bets are fun, the goal of most betters is to turn a profit or at least to break even. With the methods and strategies that will be reviewed, you can give yourself the best chances of a big win over the long run. In the world of American football, most commonly in the form of the NFL, there are many options and strategies. Here, we will be going over the most common and advantageous strategies for betting on American Football.

 Teaser Betting

In simple terms, teaser betting is a parlay bet that will use a modified points spread, in American football the most common spread you will see is six points. Teaser odds will vary from site to site, when betting with a six-point teaser in football you will want to find certain things, either: two teams -110, three teams +180, four teams +300 or better. Always remember to keep a lookout for bookmakers offering outrageous payouts in teaser betting as these books are often scams.

Proposition (Prop) Betting

In football, betting a prop is a bet that is placed on anything other than a points spread, money line or game total. This bet may be anything from which quarterback will have the most passing yards to which team will make the first touchdown or field goal, or any other situation that the betting site chooses to describe.

This is considered one of the most easily beat. The reason they remain the easiest bet to beat is due almost solely to careless bookmaking. Overall, a market full of careless bookmakers, no sharks, and lots of betters can make for a very profitable sports book to bet on. You need to keep in mind that the more serious betters there are on a prop line, the less opportunity there is. This is because serious bettor/bettors are able to analyze the line very well and thus maximize their own chances.

Future Betting

These are bets on a game that will not happen until a much later date, typically “what team will win the Super Bowl” is a common future bet. Another common bet line in American football is “which head coach will be fired first”.

When future betting, line shopping is critical. The odds will vary greatly as the season progresses. Most future betting is done by avid fans who want to back their favorite team or player/coach. Most professional players avoid this type of betting because it is so unpredictable and the odds move so much after the bet has already been made.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is a popular type of betting that most bettors are familiar with. In case you are not, it is fairly easy to understand. It is simply a combo bet in which you group several teams into one bet instead of betting on each separately. Parlay bets can be very enticing because they offer large payouts in a lot of cases.

Many people have said that parlay bets are sucker bets. This is not true and most people simply are not familiar with how they work. Whenever betting a parlay, it is vital to remember never to combine more than 4 teams on a single bet. When you do, you drastically reduce your odds of winning. It is also prudent to always do research on the teams that you are betting on. You should always know your odds, and know whether your bookmaker is using true odds or not.

Current Sports Betting

The most profitable approach to winning in the current market is derivative betting. This is a market that is derived from a larger betting market. An example is one of the most common prop bet in the American football betting world, which team will score first. This is a close derivative of a betting line on the first half score as well as a total points spread. Another profitable way to bet is with teaser lines. Just remember to bet responsibly and do your research before you begin making wagers.