Sports Betting on Android

The world of online sports betting has taken another step forward. With the introduction of sports betting apps, we ushered in a new era in online sports betting. For those of us with Android devices it’s much easier and much more fun. That’s not saying that IOS does not offer sports betting apps but the Android marketplace is much less stringent on the apps that they allow to be placed on their site. With Android the choice of online sports, betting apps is much broader, enabling online betters to have a plethora of online gaming options. Before we get into what apps are available lets first go over general betting app principles and procedures.

Sports betting on an Android app is really just a way of logging into your online sports book account via a method other than the use of a browser, whether mobile or on a personal computer. The apps are programs that have been designed to give you access to your account, the betting odds, and the ability to actually place a bet from one simple platform on your mobile device. One important thing to remember is that a bet placed on an app is just as binding as a bet placed on a personal computer, it is essentially the same thing just a different avenue of getting to that point.

When you are ready to start betting on the fly, the first thing you may want to look into downloading to your phone is the Gambling App Store. This will give you access to all the best Android betting apps on the marked. Now when you first download your app you will have to change some settings, most Android devices do not allow third party apps (meaning an app that is not endorsed by Google). You can change this setting by entering your app settings and selecting to allow third party apps. Once you change this setting and download the app, it is time to log in and start betting. If you are new to online betting you can sign up with whatever app you chose to download (it pays to read some reviews and find what apps the experienced betters recommend). With most of the online betting sites, you get a free bet when you sign up this will generally from $20.00 to over $200 depending on what app you choose and how much you add to your betting account.

With most of the major betting sites having android apps this really opens up the options for sports betting, for the first time the better really has the choice of going anywhere  they want to place their wager. You can check the odds on the go, and just about, anything else that you would normally do on your personal computer can be done on the app. You also need to know that the odds on mobile apps are the same that you would get from your local bookie, making apps for Android the quickest and simplest way to gamble. They give you the option to bet on all sports in one place as well.