Sports Betting Apps in UK

Sports betting is faster and easier thanks to the UK sports betting apps available. Downloaded to you android, blackberry or apple device, you can begin placing your bets in a matter of moments. In fact, almost every major sporting event in the world is featured on one of these apps.


The leading choice for a sports betting app in the United Kingdom. This app covers the largest selection of events in the world. It is also the most detailed of the set of apps. On the screen, you can pull up a reproduction of the field and see where players are lined up.

Paddy Power

Designed in Ireland, this software marker has quickly become one of the top 10 apps in the United Kingdom. This app features a beautiful layout and cutting edge technology. It is sleek, fast and easy to use. Paddy Power is also known for routinely running promotions for its players.

Every Device is covered with Powerful Apps

Thanks to their handheld, touchscreen devices Apple helped to revolutionize the app market. Their early success has gained the attention of developers across the globe. Today, there are millions of apps to choose from. This includes the leading sports betting apps in the United Kingdom.

Other devices like Windows Phone, Nokia and Android devices begin to get into the App market. Today, more companies are creating and expanding in this growing market. All with the intent to making the next big app that turns heads. Companies like Betfair, Coral and Betfred are among those banking on multiplatform success with their apps designed to let players gamble on their favorite events.

Can I Download Apps from iTunes?

Countries like Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom feature apps from top bookmakers. PaddyPower, Betfred, Betfair and Coral are all featured in the Apple store. Other locations may feature these apps, depending on their local laws.

Is it Safe to Use Sporting Apps to Place Bets?

This is a common question people ask us. All sports betting websites are regulated and licensed by the Gambling Commission. These apps must adhere to certain standards and they are maintained to be safe. Each operation is also regularly audited to verify they are adhering to a specific code of conduct. This is perhaps one of the safest methods of gambling.

I Want to Watch the Events I am Bidding On Live in the United Kingdom on my Phone. Is it Possible?

UK bookmarkers have taken steps to help their customers watch the action live on their phones. Apps like Bet365 and SkyBet give users the chance to watch their favorite sports over their mobile internet. Just note your provider may charge you for the data used while streaming.

Is There Anyone Who Cannot Use These Apps?

Some networks restrict the use of gambling websites on their network. This includes 02 and Vodafone. Both providers may remove restrictions if you are over 18. You’ll need to contact your cell phone provider.

Gambling must also be legal in your jurisdiction and you must meet all the legal requirements of the area. As long as you do, you are able to use the sports betting apps available.