Mobile Betting Apps, What’s Out There For You?


The world of sports betting has come a long way from the shady back room transactions and phone calls to your bookie. In today’s world the capability of betting online has all but made traditional methods obsolete, you can now shop for lines online at thousands of websites. Technology has transformed your local bookie, or casino book into an online bettor’s mecca. With today’s technology it is possible for gamblers to place their bets from anywhere in the world, even while traveling. All you need is a mobile devise and an internet connection. From your mobile device, you can check odds, access your account balance, and bet on upcoming games without a problem.

Mobile betting is simply a way to log on to your online gaming account from a mobile phone or tablet it is in essence the same thing as logging in from a laptop or personal computer to manage your account and place your bets. It is important to remember that bets you place from a mobile device are just as binding as bets placed from a home computer.

Many of today’s top betting sights have already released apps that you can download that give you direct access to your account without the need of opening a browser window. However, as the market for betting apps goes up you can expect to see almost all of the websites coming out with apps. More than likely most of these apps will be available for Android before they are available to IOS, this is due to the fact that Android marketplace is open to anyone who wants to make an app. On the other end of things Apple, strictly monitors who/what companies are putting apps up on their app store.

Users in the United States can expect to have fewer options for sports betting apps due to the U.S.’s sports betting restrictions. Still though there are sports-books serving the United States players that offer Android apps. Do not let that deter you though, even the betting sites that do not offer an app typically have a mobile version of their site, a mobile site is just a simpler version of the full site that is easier to navigate on your mobile device. The mobile sites in most cases still let you log in and check your account, see what the odds are, and place your bets.

Mobile gamins is expanding very quickly, expected to be worth more than 50 billion in 2015, mobile betting apps are the wave of the future without a doubt. It is hard to tell what the future will hold for online sports betting in a mobile sense, what direction will the sports book sites take? That is a question that seems to have an apparent answer, however how fast the sites conform to the new mobile platforms remains to be seen.