How to choose the best betting platforms

how to choose

With so many options in online betting today it’s hard to determine what are the best places to trust with your bets. Even more confusing many betting platforms offer different gaming verticals such as sports betting, casino betting, poker, bingo, scratch cards, horse racing, person to person exchanges, etc. The possibilities today to place bets online is nearly endless and the technology revolution is presenting today’s players an exciting opportunity to play entertaining and engaging games from the convenience of their mobile phone.

As with anything it’s best to start by doing some basic research into the topic to begin understanding who are the players/operators that are reputable and you can trust. Begin by searching in Google for your topic or look at comparison websites that specialize in that industry. For example there are great sites such as that compare the top online casinos. If Poker is your game then is a great site to start with. Whatever your game is you are sure to find great resources online but obviously you need to make sure the resources you are using are trustworthy.

No matter weather you are placing a sports, poker, bingo, etc bet the principles in picking the right establishment to place your bet with are the same. Look for an operator that has experience (preferably 10 or more years in operation), one that offers a multitude of payment options to ensure your banking experience with them for deposits & withdrawals is an easy one.

It is equally important to play with a company that is licensed and regulated by an established jurisdiction (country) that provides a player oversight and enforcement of gaming regulations. You never want to place bets with companies that are based offshore in unregulated markets, where the company could go belly-up and close down with your money. It’s happened many times in the past and millions of dollars were lost this way, so it’s best to play at operators that are licensed and regulated by a reputable jurisdiction (some are United Kingdom, Malta, Kahnawake in Canada and many others). For a list of countries that issue licenses for online gambling please visit

Lastly but equally important is to determine if the casino or sportsbook offers adequate customer support to players. As you are playing online it’s crucial that you have reliable customer support when you have a question, issue with payments, games, etc. This is one of the things that most players assume it’s fine but when they run into a problem and try reaching out they maybe surprised to find out that the operator doesn’t have a customer support phone line or english speaking people on the other end of the line. Therefore you might want to make a phone call to customer support before depositing money into your account – your experience with them that first time will tell you a lot about how that operator treats it’s players.

So make sure you do your homework & happy gambling!