Horse Betting

Are you confused about betting the horses? You aren’t alone. Many people are not sure what each type of bet is when they first look at the betting options. A brief explanation of each type helps to ease the confusion so you can place your bets with a bit more confidence.

  • Straight Betting: This is the easiest to understand and most common type of bet in horseracing. You have three options for placing this type of bet. The first is called a win bet. In this bet, you choose a horse to win and place your bet on it. Your horse must place first in the race to get paid on your bet. The second option is called a place bet. This means if your horse comes in first or second, you win. The third option is called a show bet and you win if your horse finished the race in the top three. How much you win depends on where the horse places with ‘show’, or third, paying the least.
  • Across the Board Betting: This type of betting is similar to betting show in a straight bet but instead of just placing one bet, you place three bets on one horse to come in first, second or third. If your horse wins the race, you win on all three bets, if it comes in second, you win on the second and third place bets and if your horse finishes third, you win only the third place bet. The term used for these bets are win, place and show.
  • Perfecta Bet: This is a challenging bet but can be quite exciting. You choose two horses and bet one will come in first and the other will place second. The horses must place in the order your bet. For example, you choose Seabiscuit to win and Warrior to place. They have to finish in that order for you to win your bet.
  • Quinella Betting: This type of betting is similar to Perfecta except it doesn’t matter what order the horses come in as long as one is first and the other is second.
  • Trifecta Betting: This is similar to Quinella but you bet on three horses instead of two horses. You choose the three horse you think will win, place and show. It doesn’t matter what order the horses place as long as it is the top three places.
  • Superfecta Betting: This is a good option for many people as you choose four horses you think will finish in the top four positions. The exact order they finish doesn’t matter.
  • Box Betting: This type of betting costs the most and for a good reason. It combines bets so you choose the horses you think are the fastest and don’t have to choose which horse will place where. The odds of winning are the best with this betting type since there is a bet on every combination of finishing.
  • Any 2 Horse Bet: For this bet, you choose two horses and win your bet if both horse finish in any of the top three places.
  • Double Betting: This is a little more challenging as it involves betting on two horses to win in two races, one in each race. For this bet to pay, both horses must win.
  • Pick 4 Betting: This bet is a difficult one to win but pays out well when you do. You choose one horse to win in each of four races and all four horses must finish first for you to cash out.

These are the most common betting types people use in horseracing. With the information given here, you will be able to place bets with a better understanding of what you are doing and enjoy the fun and excitement of horseracing more than ever even if you are a beginner.