Guide for beginners

General Sports Betting Info for Beginners – guide to sports betting:

There are many intense sports fans who look at sportsbooks and think of placing bets, but are intimidated to do so. As they consider it difficult learning how to place sports bets in sports wagering, here are the basics of sports betting which will help you get started in this exciting form of gambling.

Find a reputable sportsbook

The first step is to find a reputable, reliable and available sportsbook you can join. Choose one offering great lines, crazy welcome bonuses and quick financial transactions. Once you have joined a sportsbook and made a deposit, your account gets credited almost immediately.

As online sportsbooks accept bets from across the world, you can not only place bets on sports popular to Canada like hockey, but also on other sporting events like Premier League football and American Football matches. Try not getting overwhelmed seeing the different games and wagers available to you but do filter your searches based on your preferred sport.

It is important that you follow proper bankroll management techniques and do not spend all your money on your first wager. Moreover, if you lose your first bet, don’t ‘play a blackjack system’ or double-down on your next bet. You only end up feeling frustrated, or adopt a bad habit. Just bet consistently and keep an eye out for edges wherever possible and not only on your favorite team or sport.

Avoid parlays

Another tip to follow is avoiding parlays and prop bets at first as they are complicated and represent low odds despite its attractive payoffs. As many casinos offer pick wagers on hockey, if you know a favorite team, you can use this to build a bankroll. However as that they do not offer straight odds on them, learn to be aware of your bet and its outcome either way.

Sports betting tutorial

As mentioned above, once you have chosen a sportsbook, registered yourself and deposited a balance amount in your account, you just have to click on the sportsbook or load the sports-betting specific software to the casino.

NFL football games are usually listed on the homepage during football season. Otherwise, you find other popular sports listed here like basketball, hockey and baseball; click on your desired sport.

If you choose hockey some better casinos offer more choices to see if you wager on AHL, NHL or European games. There are three wagers available for hockey like the Canadian Line with a point spread, the total score over/under and the Moneyline where a winner is picked. Beginners should pick the Moneyline as most NHL games are decided by a goal where the line is usually 1.5 in favor of one team.

If you love NFL or CFL football, many sportsbooks offer various regular lines, prop bets and parlays for both leagues. Here too players can wager on the point spread, money line or the over/under and the moneyline is best for starters. It’s easier to pick a winner than figuring out the points spread and how the game will land on either side.

Placing wagers

Placing wagers is easy; you just have to click on the wager wherein the software will ask you to enter your desired wager amount, called risk. You then see your bet, the amount wagered and the ‘to win’ amount which represents the profit over your risk for successful bets. After reviewing it, players can add it to their queue and finalize their wagers.