Greyhound betting


Greyhound betting is one of the most popular forms of betting. It is this popularity that has led to so many races which bookies and online sports books across the world cover. The frequency of races and potential for large wins has led to many punters placing Lucky 15’s or Yankees with 15 and 11 bets respectively.

Betting and odds

Race bettors will note that different countries different styles of betting. For example, in US, bettors can make bets against each other, while betting odds are fixed in England. Here are some types of betting existing in greyhound betting.

  • Straight bet is the most common and easiest bet where people bet on the dog they believe will win the race. Sports books list odds for each dog where people win monies based on the odds if ‘their’ dog wins first place.
  • Place is a bet on particular dogs which finish in the top two. This offers less of a payout than a straight up bet.
  • Show is a bet that a dog will finish in the top three.
  • Pick 6 is a bet a dog will win 6 consecutive races while Pick 3 is a bet for dogs winning 3 consecutive races.
  • Across the Board is a bet on a single dog in three areas; place, win and show. The bettor collects on three wagers if the dog wagered on wins the race. In case it comes in second place, they only collect the show and place bets. And if the dog comes in third place, they win the show bet.
  • Straight Forecast is a UK bet where bettors wager on two dogs crossing the finish line in a fixed order.
  • Treble Forecast is a UK bet where 3 specified dogs finish in a particular order.
  • Reverse Forecast is a bet on two dogs finishing first or second, in no particular order.
  • Combination bet is a bet on 2 to 4 dogs and their crossing the finish line in a particular order.
  • Super-fecta is a bet for 4 greyhound dogs finishing in a particular order.
  • Jackpot is a bet placed on six winners. If all picks win, they get a portion of the jackpot. This is comparable to a casino’s progressive jackpot.

Major greyhound events

Many countries outside the US and Canada consider greyhound racing a sport. While there is an official governing body, there is no major event where the best dogs are raced to find the world champion like Kentucky Derby. There are however many big events like:

  • greyhound Night of Stars (US) which shows off some of US fastest greyhounds. A portion of the rake goes to Pets of America, an organization encouraging greyhound adoptions.
  • Irish Derby (IRE) which is a popular racing event showcasing the fastest greyhounds in Ireland where bets can be placed worldwide.
  • English Derby (UK) which is big even in England which had been an English fixture for 80 years since 1927
  • Grand International Top Gun (Australia).

Betting tips

The best tip is to know your dogs, which is best done through Google. Bettors can access many tips and information to become great greyhound bettors with an edge on the game. It is better to bet in moderation and not on every bet to give the best shot at successful greyhound betting. Bet only on races offering good odds and where possible, include greyhounds you know about.