Football Betting Info Prop Strategy

Football fans and enthusiasts just love the Super Bowl. The thrill of actually being in a gigantic sports venue, just to witness the live showdown between the strongest football teams of the season, can be very overwhelming. Most of the time, spectators are not content with just watching the game. They need to be part of all the excitement. They do this by betting on the team, which they think has a big chance at winning the Super Bowl.

It is not a secret that the US has a long list of football teams. Each team has its own fan base and detractors. The convergence of these people, results to sports betting. During the Super Bowl, prop betting is the most popular.

The Prop Bet

Proposition bet or “prop bet” is considered a side bet. It is not related to the game’s result. NFL prop bets vary. They can be on exact scores, performances of players, total wins, and many more.

  • Betting on the Division Winner. Prop bets can start with the division winners of the NFL season. Every team is given certain odds. You then choose the team you strongly believe will win the division. Here is an example:
  • AFC North Division:

Pittsburgh +275
Cleveland +1600
Baltimore -115
Cincinnati +340

  • Betting on the Season’s Total Wins. Each NFL team receives a set number on their season total win. You just have to place your bets under or over the number. Each side of the prop bet has a different line.
  • Betting on the Rookie of the Year and MVP. Other sportsbooks allow prop bets on who becomes the Rookie of the Year or the MVP. When you choose to do a prop bet on the players, you receive a list of players, each having specific odds. An option of betting the field includes players that cannot be found n the list.
  • Betting on the Performances of the Players during the game. This includes the number of touchdowns, once you know which prop bet you want, a setline is given to you. All that’s left to do is place your bet.

The Super Bowl Prop Bet

The biggest sports event of the year is known for its prop betting. You can retain your normal prop bets that have been available the entire year or choose among other options during the Super Bowl. Don’t be surprised at funny and weird prop bets that can pop in anytime during the Super Bowl. Some of them are the following:

  • Color or flavor of Gatorade poured over the winning team’s coach
  • The coin toss
  • The length of the national anthem

The Strategy

The “prop” or “prop bet”, is placed on anything about the game except for the total, point spread, or the money line. You can wager which team or player could score first, which quarterback will have the most yards at passing, or anything the sports betting site describes. This betting practice is said to be the easiest to beat. That is why many sportsbooks lose money frequently because of prop bets.

It’s very easy to beat prop bets because of the careless bookmaking. Line managers are also too content with the low betting limits and simplistic methods of the betting strategy. The low betting limits ward off the opportunistic sharks.

The Derivative

An example of this is prop betting on which team scores  first. This is a derivative from the football game’s betting lines in the first half.

If you want to have fun and perhaps win during the Super Bowl, go ahead and engage in some prop betting.  It’s your own way to feel the high, especially if it goes straight into your coffers.