Wagering on boxing is popular thanks to the interest generated in the sport by such superstars as Mayweather and Pacquiao. Big money boxing bouts do draw in a lot of interest from gamblers although wagerings on smaller, lesser hyped fights is always an option.

The Determination of Wins

Boxing bets are fairly simple in concept. If you bet on the person who gets his or her hand raised, then you walk away a winner. Boxers can win via knockout, technical knockout (TKO), or a judge’s decision.

A decision can be unanimous or split. Decisions are not arbitrary in nature. A judge examines the number of punches thrown and those landed to arrive at a score. Granted, split decisions are possible because different judge may score the bout differently. That said, outrageously  unrealistic judge’s decisions are extremely rare.

A loss on a disqualification (DQ) is a possibility and bout can end in a draw or a no contest as well.

Wagering on Boxing

The way boxing’s betting and odds structure is set up, a bit of deliberation has to go into wagering decisions.

The common bet in boxing is a “moneyline” bet. This means you wager on either the underdog or the favorite. If you bet on the winner, you win and the bet and payout are both based on the odds line. A favorite might be -125 and the underdog is +175. That means to win $100 you have to bet $125 on the favorite. With the underdog, a $100 bet lands you $175 on a win.

Interestingly, in boxing, wagers may be placed on the outcome beinga draw. The line could be quite high. +750 or so is not uncommon because draws are really rare. Hence, they come with huge payouts but winning a payout is, once again, rare.

Do not think it is going to be easy to win big by just wagering on the best boxers in the industry. A massively successful fighter could come with a -1500 odds line. Are you willing to risk $1,500 to win a hundred? People do place such wagers, but to assume an outcome is guaranteed is a bad idea. Just look at the classic Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas bout of years past.

The Legendary Tyson-Douglas Match

Probably the all-time greatest upset in the history of boxing was Mike Tyson’s loss to Buster Douglas.  If there was a lesson here it would be underdogs can win and deliver huge payouts on boxing bets. Has there been as huge of an upset as the Tyson vs. Douglas match? In all honesty, it would no. So, longshots do come in but not exactly with great frequency.

Two Unique Bets

In order to shake things up a bit and offer variations on traditional wagers, two more betting options are made available to those interested in putting money on a boxing bout.

The first unique wager is called a “total bet” and it refers to wagering on either the total number of rounds or the total number of points scored in the bout. If both fighters are known for never going less than six rounds, then neither fighter is not likely to end a bout in one round. As with the traditional money line bet, if the bout is listed as “over 8” at -300, then if you bet on the fight going beyond 8 rounds, you have to put up $300 to win $100. Going under could be +400 so a $100 wager could land $400.

A “Knock-Out Bet” is exactly what the name implies. You wager on the odds of a fight ending in a knockout. The same concept of “+200” or “-100” would be in play here.

Placing all three bets in the same bout is acceptable and could lead to a major payout.