Betting Terminology

Sports betting online can be confusing when you are not familiar to the terms used. If you want to be a good bettor, you have to know what’s going on. You can only do this by understanding the meaning of special terminologies.

It’s okay to consult an expert in sports betting, so that you won’t feel your way in the dark. With dedication and constant practice, you can understand and memorize the various terminologies you encounter.

You can memorize them faster by making a small glossary of sports betting terms. You can make it into a small document you can have in your tablet or phone. Here are some of the terms you can include in your sports betting terminology collection:


An ace—this term predicts which tennis player serves the highest number of aces in a match.

Across the Board –This is a method of betting on a horse to win the show or a place in the race.

Action—this is a wager in baseball. Here, the pitcher is not specified. It speaks of the amount f bets placed on a specific event.

Against The Spread—this refers to the result of an event, which takes account the pointspread. It is also the means of taking certain points, instead of just laying points or betting with the spread.

AntePost—these are bets placed at least a day before the main event or match. AntePost bets have better odds.


Bad Beat—this is when a bet loses suddenly and unexpectedly.

Book—this is an agency or establishment that accepts your bets on the results of the specific sports event.

Buy—this term is used when a certain player pays more to get at least a point in his favor during a pointspread game.


Canadian Line—this refers to a combination of moneyline and pointspread in the game of hockey.

Chalk—this is the term given to a favored horse, dog, athlete, or team.

Circled Game—this is a game where the betting options are significantly restricted or the limits are reduced because of injuries.


Dead Heat—this happens when at least two competitors finish with the same classification or place.

Dog Player—Term used for those who bet on the underdog.


Exact Score—here, you make a prediction of the game’s final score.


Favorite—this refers t the team, which is expected to win the match.


Getting Down—A term that means, “Making a bet”.

Goliath—this is composed of 247 bets in eight selections of various sports events. If you have at least two successful selections, you get a return.


Half A Dollar—this is equivalent to 50 USD.

Handicapper—the person who assesses sporting events.

Hook— A term that refers to a half point.

Hot Game—this is a game that causes a lot of action from experienced handicappers.


Limit—this is the highest amount you’re allowed to bet. It’s usually set by the bookmaker.

Linemaker—the person who sets the betting lines. He is also called the odssmaker.

Lock—A term for “easy winner”.


Moneyline—this is when a wager has no pointspread.


Nickel—this is equivalent to 500 USD.

No Action—this is when no money is won or lost in a particular wager.


Off The Board—this term is used when the bookmaker does not offer action.


Puppy—also called the “underdog”.

Push—this is when the contest or match ends without losers or winners (for betting purposes).


Runner—an individual who places wagers for another individual.


Tout—a person who has expertise in sports betting.


Wiseguy—this term refers to a knowledgeable or experienced bettor or handicapper.

Knowing what terms to use in sports betting can make your sports betting experience, easier. Memorize as many terms as you can, so you cannot be left out in sports betting conversations.