Betting On Goals Scored

European football (soccer to American fans) is probably the most popular sport all throughout the world. Fans of the game are quite enthusiastic. A bit of this enthusiasm carries over into the world of casino and online gambling. People do love to wager on soccer/football games. Now, most people assume this entails wagering on who wins or who losses the game. In part, this is true. Wagering on final scores is the most common way things are done. However, there are other wagers – some very unique ones – that can be placed.

One of the more interesting and intriguing wagers you have available as an option would be the ability to place a bet on goals scored.

The way wagers of this nature work is you can bet over or under the total amount of goals scored during the game. The “goals over” choice seems to be much more popular among gamblers due to the nature of the game. Football (soccer) is not known to be a high scoring game. As such, a “goals under scored” wager could be harder to win. This IS NOT the case in every game, obviously. In general, the low scoring nature leads some to shy away from “goals under” wagers.

The Basics of the Wager

The way the wagers work is fairly simple in concept. The sportsbook sets a particular number on the game. The number reflects a fair and logical assessment of the possible total goals. So, the number could be 3. If you place a “goals over” wager and the final score is 3 -2, then you would since since the total number of goals scored is 5. If the final score is 2 – 0, this would be a losing bet since the total number of goals scored is 2.

One thing that might slightly complicate matters is the sportsbook could issue a number with a “half” to it. In other words, the number listed is 2.5. The addition of the .5 makes it impossible for a draw to lead to a push is impossible. You either win or lose on a wager when the over/under odds are presented with an additional .5 on the total.

No matter what the number the sportsbook delivers, you must make very smart and informed wagers or winning could prove elusive.

Markets, Leagues and Games

Selecting the market you are most comfortable wagering in is necessary in order to achieve a more preferable outcome. The Latin American market is different from the North American market which is different from the European market. Select the one (or more) you feel you really understand. This way, you chances of making smart wagers increases.

Within the market, you have to look at the particular league and the teams playing in the game. Look over the records of the teams. This way, you are able to make a wise decision as to whether or not the goal totals will go over. Placing wagers too flippantly is going to leave far too much to chance, which is an easy way to lose money.