baseball sports betting
In the world of sports betting there is really no limit, you can bet on just about any sport you can think of. We are going to focus on one of the major ones in this piece; baseball. There are seven main types of bets that are commonly placed on baseball. We are going to take a look into these types of betting now:

Money line wagering:
The basic method of betting on MLB, since baseball doesn’t have a point spread like other sports do it is common to use money line odds when placing a bet.

With a Runline you will still be using money line odds, however with this method a point spread is added

5 Inning Lines:
This type of betting is similar to first half betting in football or basketball, money line odds are placed on a favorite and underdog. You place your wager and it becomes binding after the first 5 innings

Also known as over/under, this is based on the total number of runs scored between both teams. The totals of the game are almost always between 6-8 runs.

Baseball Props:
With this type of wager the bettor is betting on the number of Hits, Rbi’s, Strikeouts that a pitcher may have throughout a game.

Baseball Futures:
This type of betting is usually focused around who will win the world series, national league, and division winners

Dime Lines:
This is simply when the difference in odds between a favorite and underdog is ten, also referred to as a “10 cent line”. Betting on a book with a dime line is a great way to save money no matter what side you choose.

As with everything else, variety is the key to success. When betting on baseball you should place a variety of bets on different games, different lines, and in different books. Also keep an eye open for books that offer special deals on free bets at the start of the season. This can be a great way build up a bankroll from a very early in the season. You should also avoid bets on large favorites; baseball teams play 162 games per season, which means you should treat every game as its own entity. Baseball is full of short term luck, no matter how much of a sure thing you may think the outcome is, anything can happen in a game of baseball.

Another key thing to remember when betting on baseball is that the weather and the ballpark play a huge role in the outcome of the game. They weather will really have an effect on how the pitcher throws and it will have a huge impact on the games totals. For example a game at PNC Park on a calm day will be played completely different than a game at PNC Park when the wind is howling in off the twins. The ballpark itself will also drastically impact how many runs are scored. Knowing the ballparks well and paying attention to the weather will help you to determine how to place your wagers on any given game.